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Online Bill Paye-Invoice

DLO's Online Invoice and
Payment Processing Service

Through our affiliation with Quest Diagnostics, DLO is proud to offer an online invoice and payment processing services to Oklahoma healthcare providers.

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e-Invioce can help you ...

Save Time
Our online service lets you eliminate the need to enter data, file, copy and scan our invoices. This leads to reduced processing time and increased efficiencies in adjustments, approval routing and invoice processing.

Take Control
Our online service offers you broad flexibility in managing the entire accounts payable process, ranging from optimized workflow and approval processes to improved cycle time and cash management.

Benefit from the Convenience
Our online service makes processing our invoices easier than ever.

eInvoice allows you to:

  • Access your statements and invoices anytime
  • Perform quick audits
  • Download invoices into your system
  • Improve data management and analysis
  • Reduce clerical handling and manual check processing

To enroll for this service, visit Physicians and Hospital Payment Services,

Billing Questions

If you have a question regarding a DLO bill or statement, please call DLO client services department at 1-888-321-0155.