Blueprint for Wellness

Good health starts with knowing

DLO Direct Blueprint for WellnessAre you at risk for heart disease, diabetes, stroke or other health conditions? DLO Direct offers Blueprint for Wellness® so you can gain insight into your personal health status. Blueprint for Wellness is simple. Complete a health screening, which includes a health risk assessment, biometrics, and blood work, and receive an easy-to-understand report of your personalized results. You also have the option to speak to a board-certified physician about your results and make an action plan for improvement.

Follow these simple steps

  1. Select your Blueprint for Wellness panel
  2. Register at and complete the online health risk assessment
  3. Fill out the DLO Direct Blueprint for Wellness order form and take it with you to a DLO Patient Service Center and have a highly skilled DLO phlebmotomist complete your blood draw

Once your results are ready, you will receive an email so you can view your results online. You will also receive an easy-to-understand report of your personalized results in the mail approximately two weeks after your online results are available.

Download a DLO Direct Blueprint for Wellness order form

Blueprint for Wellness Panels

Blueprint for Wellness offers four different panels of testing.

Check your risk for: Healthy Heart Blueprint Basic Blueprint Complete Blueprint Enhanced Blueprint
Heart Disease X X X X
Diabetes   X X X
Stroke   X X X
Kidney Disease     X X
Liver Disease     X X
Nutrition       X
Other Health Risks       X
Services Include:        
Health screening X X X X
Easy-to-read report X X X X
Optional physician session X X X X
Price $49 $79 $139 $179


If you have questions about the Blueprint for Wellness testing, account creation, or other instructions, visit our Blueprint for Wellness Frequently Asked Questions page.