Blood Type

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DLO Direct Self-Ordered Lab TestsBlood typing is used to determine an individual’s blood group, to establish whether a person is blood group A, B, AB, or O and whether he or she is Rh positive or Rh negative.

What are blood types?

Blood types are based on the antigens on the surface of red blood cells. Two major antigens are the A and B antigens, while another important surface antigen is called Rh. Blood typing detects the presence or absence of these antigens to determine your ABO blood group and Rh type.

What do blood types mean?

The results of blood typing will determine if you are type A, B, AB, or O and if you are Rh negative or positive. The results will tell a health care provider what blood or blood components will be safe for you to receive.

Blood Group and Rh Type of Patient Safe (Compatible) Blood Types for RBC Transfusion
A positive A positive, A negative, O positive, O negative
A negative A negative, O negative
B positive B positive, B negative, O positive, O negative
B negative B negative, O negative
AB positive AB positive, AB negative, A positive, A negative, B positive, B negative, O positive, O negative
AB negative AB negative, A negative, B negative, O negative
O positive O positive, O negative
O negative O negative

Why is knowing your blood type important?

There are several reasons you should know your blood type:

  • Ensure compatibility between the blood type of a person who requires a transfusion of blood or blood components
  • Determine compatibility between a pregnant woman and her developing baby (fetus)
  • Determine the blood group of potential blood donors
  • Determine the blood group of potential donors and recipients of organs, tissues, or bone marrow, as part of a workup for a transplant procedure
  • To know your blood type in case of a medical emergency


How do I get tested?

To order your own lab tests, you just need to follow these three easy steps:

  1. Complete a lab order form for your test online and print it out to take with you to the DLO Patient Service Center. Follow the instructions on the laboratory test order form if fasting is required for the testing you are ordering.
  2. Visit any DLO Patient Service Center throughout Oklahoma. Check in with our friendly staff and give them your completed order form. Full payment is due at time of service before sample collection is performed. Note that we accept all major credit cards and checks. Unfortunately, we cannot accept cash payments. Have one of our skilled phlebotomists draw a blood sample or take a urine sample, who will send your sample to our laboratory for testing.
  3. Create a MyQuest™ account and view your test results through the MyQuest online patient portal. Test results are available through MyQuest within 7-10 business days of completing your lab work.


DLO Direct™ offers direct access to laboratory testing for informational purposes only. A DLO Direct lab test result is not a medical diagnosis and is not intended as medical advice. Only a health care provider can interpret lab results and diagnose a medical condition or disease.

Because tests have not been ordered by a health care provider, third party entities, including Medicare and Medicaid, will not reimburse for these tests.