QuestDirect COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 Specimen Collection now available at DLO

DLO now offers COVID-19 PCR specimen collections at most DLO labs* throughout Oklahoma for patients who are not exhibiting active COVID-19 symptoms. This option is great for those who:

  • May or may not have been exposed and are not exhibiting symptoms
  • Need to be tested for travel purposes
  • Want peace of mind

Just select a DLO lab near you when scheduling your QuestDirect appointment. If you have COVID-19 symptoms, please choose the Walmart Neighborhood Market Pharmacy or at-home kit option.

DLO offers $0 out-of-pocket COVID-19 testing to Oklahomans

$0 out-of-pocket COVID-19 testingWith the goal to help combat COVID-19 while empowering more individuals and families to resume "back to life" activities with greater safety this spring, summer and beyond, DLO now offers $0 out-of-pocket COVID-19 testing.

Order COVID-19 testing

Adults can request access to the company's $0 out-of-pocket COVID-19 test option for themselves and children 2 years of age and older through QuestDirect™, the company's online consumer-initiated test platform. Eligibility for $0 out-of-pocket COVID-19 testing includes adults and minors regardless of symptoms or suspected exposure, consistent with updated government guidance on insurance coverage for COVID-19 testing. The $0 out-of-pocket option applies to molecular laboratory (PCR/NAAT).

Simply fill out a form online, which is quickly reviewed by an independent physician. If deemed eligible by the physician, the individual may then schedule an appointment for an observed self-collection at a DLO Patient Service Center (asymptomatic patients) or at select Walmart Neighborhood Market Pharmacy locations (symptomatic patients) throughout Oklahoma. Same-day appointments may be available, with test results typically provided the next day. The testing can be used for:

  • Travel requirements
  • Weddings
  • Sporting events
  • Family gatherings
  • Other public events

The test will be billed to commercial health plans and government payors. The expanded test option comes as governments and organizations seek ways to utilize testing to resume safer in-person customer interactions.

How to order testing through QuestDirect

QuestDirect offers patients the ability to order their own lab tests from a select menu that includes COVID-19 active infections. To be tested for COVID-19, through QuestDirect, follow the instructions below:

Visit QuestDirect

  • Visit QuestDirect™.
  • Select the right COVID-19 test for you. QuestDirect offers a $0 out-of-pocket option for those who qualify.
  • Complete the online form for the type of testing you need.
  • Schedule your appointment at a DLO lab (not exhibiting symptoms), Walmart Neighborhood Market Pharmacy (symptomatic), or purchase an at-home collection kit.
  • For DLO lab testing:
    • Wear a face covering and enter the DLO lab during your scheduled time.
    • Sign in at the kiosk.
    • A trained DLO phlebotomist will give you a test kit and observe as you administer the test. Follow the phlebotomist’s instructions. When you’re done, give the specimen to the phlebotomist for processing.
  • For Walmart Pharmacy testing:
    • When you arrive at Walmart for your test, PLEASE DO NOT GO INSIDE THE WALMART STORE. View the list of eligible Walmart Neighborhood Market drive-thru pharmacy locations in Oklahoma.
    • Look for the Walmart pharmacy drive-thru signs (located on the side of the Walmart). Once located, proceed to the drive-thru window and let the pharmacist know you are there for your COVID-19 test. Please provide the pharmacist with your photo ID.
    • A trained Walmart pharmacist will give you a test kit and observe as you administer the test in your car. Follow the pharmacist’s instructions. When you’re done, place the test kit in the external collection box.
  • For the at-home kit:
    • You will receive your kit in a few days. Follow the instructions for specimen collection and return your sample to FedEx. Your results will be available in approximately 2-3 days.
  • Sign in to the MyQuest™ online portal or app to receive your results for either the Walmart or at-home collection. If you don't have MyQuest, sign up at or download the app.

* Testing is available at all DLO labs in Oklahoma except our Utica (Tulsa), McBride (OKC) and INTEGRIS Memorial West (OKC) locations.