QuantiFERON TB Gold (Draw Site Incubated)

Supply #168695 Quantiferon Gold Blood Collection Tubes

Test Code: 16603

CPT Code(s): 86480

Methodology: Immunoassay (IA)

Clinical Significance: QuantiFERON®-TB Gold IT is an indirect test for M. tuberculosis infection (including disease) and is intended for use in conjunction with risk assessment, radiography and other medical and diagnostic evaluations.

Alternative Name(s): Not applicable

Collection Guide: 

Supply: 168695 Quantiferon Gold Blood Collection Tubes

Preferred Specimen: 1mL whole blood collected in EACH of the tubes listed in the "Transport Container" section

Preferred Volume: 1mL whole blood collected in EACH of the tubes listed in the "Transport Container" section

Transport Container: ALL 3 TUBES - Listed below
QFT – NIL control (gray cap, white or gold ring) tube
QFT – TB antigen (red cap, white or gold ring) tube
QFT – Mitogen control (purple cap, white or gold ring)


  1. Tubes MUST be collected in the following order GRAY, RED, LAVENDER
  2. For each patient, collect 1 mL of blood by venipuncture directly into each of the three (3) unique Quantiferon® TB Gold blood collection tubes. Tubes MUST be at room temperature prior to collection. Under or over filling of the tubes may lead to erroneous results.
  3. Shake the tubes 10 times just firmly enough to ensure the entire surface of the tube is coated with blood, to solubilize antigens on tube walls.
  4. Incubate all tubes upright at 36-38 degrees c within 16 hours for 16 to 24 hours. The specimen rack should sit off the floor of the incubator. If the blood is not incubated immediately after collection, remixing of the tubes by inverting 10 times must be repeated immediately prior to incubation.
  5. Following incubation either:
    • Immediately transport the 3 transport tubes to Quest Diagnostics between 4 and 27 degrees C. samples will be stable for 72 hours at 4-27 degrees C (room temp or refrigerated). OR
    • Centrifuge each of the 3 incubated collection tubes for 15 minutes at 2000 to 3000 RCF(G). Label with patient name, identification number, and date of collection. Deliver to Quest Diagnostics at 2-8 degrees C. Samples will be stable for 28 days at 2-8 degrees C (refrigerated).

    **NOTE** Specimen collection locations greater than 3350 feet above sea level should use the Quantiferon® collection kit designed for “high altitude” (tubes with a gold ring on tube top).

Transport Temperature: SEE INSTRUCTIONS ABOVE

Specimen Stability:
Uncentrifuged Specimens: Room Temperature - 72 hours
Centrifuged Specimens: Room Temperature - 72 hours

Rejection Criteria: Specimens received that are more than 72 hours old; specimens received frozen; Specimens not collected in Quantiferon Gold blood collection tubes

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