Charitable Contributions

DLO cares about Oklahomans and wants to help improve the health of its citizens. To support our communities, the DLO Board of Managers partners with various charities aligned with our vision of better health for Oklahomans, whether that’s in the form of free or discounted lab work or through monetary giving. In order to qualify for a charitable donation, organizations must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a federal tax-exempt organization with 501(c)(3) or equivalent nonprofit status
  • Must be based in Oklahoma
  • Must benefit the health of Oklahoma residents
  • Must complete our application and submit all required documents
  • Must receive approval from the DLO Board of Managers

DLO does not provide support to the following, including but not limited to:

  • Individuals or families
  • Political candidates, organizations or campaigns
  • Individual or team sports/sporting events
  • Churches, synagogues, mosques or other faith communities
  • Special interest groups that are not health related
  • Arts organizations
  • Transportation and travel expenses
  • Other requestors at the discretion of DLO

The DLO Board of Managers is charged with overseeing our charitable giving to maximize our efforts to improve the health of all Oklahomans. In keeping with DLO’s giving guidelines, the programs we support focus on health. We would like to respond favorably to the many requests we receive, however the needs are far greater than our allocated resources. Therefore, it is not possible for us to accommodate all requests.

Request Process

If you would like to submit a formal request for a charitable donation from DLO, please review the descriptions below and click the button that matches your request.

Local Donation Requests

Local donation requests include a domestic donation of goods, services, money and/or free/discounted lab work for a singular event (not over a period of time).

Free/Discounted Lab Work Requests

Free/discounted lab work requests include a domestic donation of goods and/or services over a period of time (not a singular event).

International Monetary Requests

International monetary requests include a financial donation to a charitable organization outside the United States.

International Product Requests

International product requests include a donation of goods to be used outside the United States.


When are proposal requests accepted?
Proposals are accepted during two three-month periods in the spring and fall. Approved donations will be made available to selected organizations on or after January 1 for the fall review period and on or after June 1 for the spring review period.

How long will it be before I find out about my application and when will I be contacted about my request?
That depends on when the application is completed. To be considered for our spring review period, applications must be received between January 1 and March 1 of that year. For the fall review period, applications must be received between July 1 and September 1 of that year.

All applicants who submit requests, whether approved or denied, will be notified in writing via email or postal mail after our spring and fall Board meetings have concluded.

DLO Board Meetings Application Period Approval/Denial Notification of Request Donation Available
Spring January 1-March 1 4-6 weeks after DLO Board meeting concludes On or after June 1
Fall July 1-September 1 4-6 weeks after DLO Board meeting concludes On or after January 1

When are your spring and fall Board meetings?
The DLO Board meetings are typically held in April and October of each year, but meeting dates are subject to change.

Do you accept phone solicitations?
No, all requests for donations must be completed through our online application. DLO may require additional information or promotional materials supporting your request. Applicants will be notified by DLO staff if additional details are necessary.

What type of IRS designations do you consider for funding?
Organizations requesting a donation must be a federal tax-exempt organization with 501(c)(3) or equivalent nonprofit status and must provide a copy of their completed 501(c)(3) IRS letter or a copy of equivalent status.