DLO offers many tools and resources to ensure your lab visit is as smooth and easy as possible.

Find out which of our Patient Service Centers is nearest to you. With more than 45 locations around the state, there's a PSC for you. You can also pay your bill online, request lab results, and find out DLO's insurance partners.

Curious about a health concern, symptom or test result? Our Patient Health Library can clear up any questions you have about health-related issues and help you become a Very Informed Patient (VIP).

If you have any questions about DLO or how to prepare for your testing, visit the Frequently Asked Questions section for all the answers you need.

Introducing MyQuest Patient Portal

Accessing patient health information has never been easier. MyQuestâ„¢ delivers critical information directly to a computer, tablet and smart phone giving you the tools you need to view, access and securely share health information where they go. You can schedule lab testing whenever and wherever they want.

MyQuest allows you to receive and understand lab results, track medical information, track their physician information, store ICE: In Case of Emergency, share healthcare information easily, and monitor weight and body mass wirelessly.

For assistance with creating a MyQuest account or if you are having trouble receiving results through MyQuest, please email MyQuest Support at

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