Workforce Diversity

To realize the full benefits of a diverse workforce, DLO has four diversity-related goals. These are called the Four R's: Respect, Reputation, Representation, and Results. DLO also offers diversity scholarship opportunities.


This goal is to create a work environment where employees are recognized and treated with respect and dignity.

DLO actively pursues this goal by developing and distributing posters and flyers on a monthly basis that recognize special diversity celebrations. These include but certainly aren't limited to such events as Gay and Lesbian Pride Month, Hispanic Heritage Month and Disability Month.

Each year, three separate diversity occasions are selected for special recognition and celebration. As part of this effort, speakers, dancers, musicians, poets, or any appropriate group or person may be invited to speak or perform at DLO to help mark the occasion.


Enhancing DLO's image and credibility as an employer of choice and one of the best companies to work for in the state is the basis of this goal. To work toward this end, the company has teamed with schools to offer their students tours of the facility. DLO has also held career days on high school campuses. In selecting educational partners, DLO has concentrated on finding institutions with large numbers of students who, due to geographical location, race or other considerations are often not offered technical job opportunities.


This goal is to recruit, retain and develop a rich diversity of global talent and to reflect diversity at all levels of the organization. Due to the special makeup of Oklahoma's population, DLO especially targets areas, schools and organizations that have large Native American and Hispanic populations for its recruitment efforts.

To help with this effort, DLO offers three internal scholarships for diversity candidates each year. To be eligible for one of these scholarships, employees do not need to be pursuing a career in the laboratory field. It's simply offered as a benefit to help illustrate and promote the fact that DLO appreciates and recognizes its diversity pool.


As part of this goal, DLO attempts to leverage diversity in all business activities in order to improve business performance and to grow within its strategic intent. DLO works to find qualified-emphasis on qualified-diverse candidates. This is accomplished by identifying those jobs that tend to be filled by non-diverse employees and specific diverse groups that are underrepresented in these jobs.

When existing employees who are members of the underrepresented groups are considered to have high potential, the organization will do what it can to help these individuals qualify for one of the under-filled positions.


In order to ensure the future of technology, the company offers full scholarships to both internal and external candidates pursuing a medical technologist degree. Anyone can apply for this scholarship, but preference is given to diversity candidates.

To request an application, please contact DLO Human Resources at (405) 608-6100.