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Important Compliance Reminder

Specimen collection devices, supplies, and equipment issued by DLO are to be used ONLY for the collection of specimens sent to DLO. Supplies and equipment provided by DLO may not be used for any testing or screening performed by you (including urine cups or swabs used for pre-screening), or for testing you send to any laboratory other than DLO. Supplies and equipment include, but are not limited to, swabs, urine cups, needles, tubes, and centrifuges.

For any questions regarding supplies please contact our supply department at:
Oklahoma City 405-608-6100 opt. 4 | Statewide 800-891-2917 opt. 4

  • Blood Tubes

T157 - Red SST 8mL
T59 - Lavender 4ml
T05 - Red 10mL
T69 - Lavender K2EDTA 10mL
T03 - Gray 4mL
T60 - White PPT 5mL
T62 - Red 3ml
T04 - Light Blue 2.7mL
ST05 - Tube, Light Protect w/Cap
T08 - Tube, Sodium Heparin Add, 6mL, Metal Testing
T09 - Royal Blue Non Add. 6mL
T61 - Green NaHep 10mL
T68 - Green NaHep 6mL
T35 - Green LiHep 4.5mL
T58 - GBO EDTA K2 6ML Pink Top Tube
T15 - Yellow ACD-B 6.0mL
T56 - Tan 3mL
T126 - Serum Transport Lid
T121 - Serum Transport Vial
T51 - Pediatric Red Serum
T52 - Pediatric SST
T50 - Pediatric Amber SST
T89 - Pediatric Green LiHep
T55 - Pediatric Lavender

  • Cytology

C06 - SurePath™ w/Brush/Spatula
C05 - SurePath™ w/ Broom
C01 - ThinPrep® w/Brush/Spatula
C02 - ThinPrep® w/Broom

  • Formalin

H29 - Formalin 20mL
H48 - Formalin 40mL
H32 - Formalin 60mL
H28 - Formalin 120mL
H18 - Formalin 5.3 Gallon

  • Microbiology

BC16/BC17 - Blood Culture Bottles
BC15 - Pediatric Blood Culture
S02 - Blue Culture Swab
S11 - Yellow Nasal Culture Swab
S07 - Double Red Strep Swab
OF06 - Sputum Collection Tube 50mL

  • Miscellaneous

U10 - Collection Hat
V04 - Tourniquets, Blue
ST23 - 15mL Cryogenic Vial
B112 - Specimen Bag
B113 - Specimen Bag - STAT
G01 - Glucola 50mg, Orange
G03 - Glucola 75mg, Lemon-Lime
G02 - Glucola 100gm, Fruit Punch
ST02 - Pipet, Transfer w/ Bulb

  • Needles/Hubs

N01 - 21g Green Safety Needle
N02 - 22g Black Safety Needle
N03 - Needle Holder Hubs

  • Stool

F49 - InSure ONE
F04 - Stool Container Red Lid
F02 - Para-Pak C&S, Orange
F01 - Total Fix O&P, Black

  • Swabs

S05 - VCM Nasal
S04 - Affirm™ VPIII
S06 - VCM, Cervical/Vaginal
S09 - VCM, Urethral
S03 - VCM, Lesion
A02 - APTIMA® Unisex Swab
A01 - APTIMA® Urine Tube
A03 - APTIMA® Vaginal Swab

  • Tem-PCR

K144 - TEM-PCR Universal Kit

  • Urine

U09 - Urine Cup, Disposable; U06 - Urine Cup Lid
U01 - C&S Gray Tube w/ Straw
U03 - UA Tube w/Yellow Cap
U30 - 24H Container
U32 - 24H Acid Wash Container
U35 - 24H Brown Container w/HCL
U24 - 24H Stone Risk Kit
U02 - 90mL Sterile Cup w/ Green Lid