Patient Satisfaction

Give your patients the comfort, satisfaction and convenience that comes from choosing DLO.

Convenient Patient Service Centers and Draw Sites found throughout Oklahoma

From Lawton to Miami and Idabel to Woodward, our vast network of Patient Services Centers and Draw Sites is located throughout Oklahoma. These locations, which are strategically placed in important health care corridors, offer a convenient and comfortable location for your patients to have their lab work drawn and collected.

Patient Gold Standards

To ensure our high standards of excellence, each DLO phlebotomist abides by a set of defined Patient Gold Standards. These standards help ensure that our highly-trained phlebotomy technicians provide consistent, world-class care to your patients at every DLO location.


By offering clear, precise and easy-to-read patient bills, we can help reduce billing calls to your office. These bills are designed with three distinct sections:

  • Patient demographics/insurance information
  • Diagnostic services provided
  • Quick and easy bill payment options – payment coupon; credit card or check via mail, also online

Additionally, we offer online billing and invoicing for DLO patients and physicians. This means viewing and paying your DLO bill is always just a few clicks away.