Supply #T59 - Lavender 4mL Blood Tube

Test Code: 5509

CPT Code: 82140

Alternative Name(s): Not applicable

Methodology: Enzymatic

Clinical Significance: Ammonia is one of the by-products of protein metabolism. Elevated blood ammonia levels have been associated with severe liver dysfunction such as hepatic encephalopathy, coma resulting from cirrhosis, severe hepatitis, Reye's syndrome and drug hepatotoxicity. Also, elevated blood ammonia has been reported in cardiac failure, azotemia, and pulmonary emphysema. Correlation between plasma ammonia and the degree of encephalopathy can be erratic.

Collection Guide: 

Supply: T59 - Lavender 4mL Blood Tube

Preferred Specimen: Plasma collected in a EDTA (lavender) tube

Preferred Volume: 2mL

Collection Instructions: Collect blood from stasis-free vein of patient (e.g., no tourniquet). Patient should not clench fist during collection, as muscular exertion often increases venous ammonia levels. Patient should avoid smoking prior to phlebotomy since smoking increases plasma ammonia levels. Tubes should be filled completely and kept tightly stoppered at all times. Place immediately on ice. Separate plasma from cells within 15 minutes and freeze plasma immediately.

Transport Container: Transport tube

Transport Temperature: Frozen

Specimen Stability: Frozen at -20C: 24 hours

Reject Criteria: Hemolyis; Received thawed, PPT potassium EDTA (white-top) tube

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