C. difficile Toxin/GDH w/ Reflex to PCR

Supply #F04 - Stool Container Red Lid

Test code: 91664

CPT code(s): 87449, 87324

Methodology: Immunoassay

Includes: If the GDH Antigen is detected and the Toxin A and B are not detected or the GDH Antigen is not detected and the Toxin A and B are detected, Clostridium difficile Toxin B, Qualitative, Real-Time PCR will be performed at an additional charge (CPT code(s): 87493).

Clinical Significance: After treatment with antibiotics, many patients develop gastrointestinal problems ranging from mild diarrhea to severe pseudomembranous colitis. This organism is an opportunistic anaerobic bacterium that grows in the intestine once the normal flora has been altered by the antibiotic. For diagnosis of toxigenicC. difficile, current practice guidelines from the CDC recommend confirmation by Nucleic Acid Amplification Testing (NAAT) if the glutamate dehydrogenase of C. difficile (GDH) Antigen is positive, and toxin is not detected by Enzyme immunoassay. Additionally, if toxin is detected without the presence of GDH antigen, confirmation by NAAT is also recommended.

Alternative Names: C dif Toxin; C diff A; C diff A&B; C diff Toxin; C diff (Stool); C difficile toxin; C. diff Toxin A&B, EIA; C difficile Toxin A; C. difficile Toxin by EIA; C.diff Toxin Screen; CDT (Stool); Clos Diff A; Toxin A & Toxin B; C. difficile Toxin A, Stool; Toxin A & B, Stool

Collection Guide: 

Supply:  F04 - Stool Container with Red Lid

Preferred specimen(s): Unformed Stool

Preferred volume: 5grams or 5mL

Transport container: Sterile Leak-Proof Container

Transport temperature: Refrigerated

Specimen stability: Refrigerated: 5 days

Collection Instructions: Collect fresh stool in sterile, leak-proof container without media, preservative, or metal ion. For patients requiring the use of diapers, first line the diaper with clean plastic to prevent absorption. Then transfer 5 grams or 5mL of the stool specimen from the plastic lined diaper to the sterile container. DO NOT submit the diaper itself. Cap securely. DO NOT use any preservative, media, or additive.

Reject criteria: Formed stool; Stool submitted in transport media or swab; Rectal swab; Unfrozen stool greater than 72 hours old; Stool specimen received at room temperature.

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