Bordetella pertussis/parapertussis Culture

Supply #S10 Blue Top, Mini Tip, e-Swab

Test Code: 5260

Includes: If culture is positive, identification will be performed at an additional charge.

Methodology: Culture

Clinical Significance: Bordetella pertussis is the cause of whooping cough. Bordetella parapertussis is a related organism and causes a similar but milder disease.

Alternative Name(s): Whooping Cough

Collection Guide: 

Supply: S10 Blue Top, Mini Tip, e-Swab

Preferred Specimen: Nasopharyngeal swab - Collected in eSwab Mini-Top transport system (blue cap)

Preferred Volume: 1 Blue Top, Mini Tip, e-Swab

Transport Container: Blue Top, Mini Tip, e-Swab

Transport Temperature: Refrigerated

Specimen Stability: Refrigerated: 4 Days

Rejection Criteria:

  • Anterior nasal/nares
  • Dry Swab
  • Amies Bacterial Culture Swab
  • Amies with Charcoal Bacterial Culture Swab

Special Instructions: Mini-tip swabs must be used for nasopharyngeal specimens and placed in eSwab medium. Do not use rayon or cotton-tipped swabs, since they may be toxic to Bordetella.

For additional supply or collection device information, please contact DLO's Customer Service at (800) 891-2917, option 2.