Culture, Fungus, Other than Hair, Skin, Blood, with Fluorescent KOH (Amies Gel)

Supply #S02 - Amies Gel (blue cap)
Supply #U02 - 90 mL Sterile Cup Green Lid

Test Code: 4553

Includes: Fungal smear and culture. If culture is positive identification will be performed at an additional charge.

Methodology: Microscopic Exam with Calcofluor White Stain (KOH) • Culture, Isolation and Identification

Clinical Significance: The clinical significance of an isolate varies with the identification, source, and clinical symptoms manifested.

Test FAQ: Culture, Fungus

Alternative Name(s): Sputum Fungus Culture,Fungus Culture

Additional Preferred Specimen:
Culture, Fungus, Other Than Hair, Skin, Blood, With Fluorescent Koh (Amies Liquid)


Collection Guide: 

S02 - Amies Gel (blue cap)
U02 - 90 mL Sterile Cup Green Lid

Preferred Specimen(s): Raw Specimen, any source other than hair, skin, or blood (See Culture, Fungus, Blood)

Transport Container: Sterile Container; add a small amount of saline to biopsy and soft tissue specimens. Transport swabs in liquid or gel transport medium. Corneal specimens may be directly inoculated onto media, sealed tightly and submitted at room temperature

Transport Temperature:
  • Refrigerated(cold packs): Raw Specimen
  • Room Temperature: Swab specimen in transport medium

Specimen Stability:
Room Temperature: 72 hours
Refrigerated: 72 hours

Reject Criteria:
  • Received Frozen
  • Specimen in Formalin
  • Serum

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