Pneumocystis carinii, DFA

Supply #U02 - 90mL Sterile w/ Green Lid

Test code: 34286

Methodology: Direct Immunofluorescence Assay

Includes: Pneumocystis jirovecii (P. carinii), DFA and Concentration

Clinical significance: Pneumocystis carinii, now considered a fungus, is an opportunistic infection seen especially in patients infected with HIV and on immunosuppressive therapy, e.g., post-transplantation. Pneumocystis carinii causes pneumonia.

Collection Guide: 

Supply: U02 - 90mL Sterile w/ Green Lid

Preferred specimen(s): Bronchial Alveolar Lavage; Bronchial Wash; Sputum; Biopsy

Preferred Volume: 3mL

Transport container: Plastic screw-cap container

Transport temperature: Refrigerated

Specimen stability: Refrigerated - 4weeks

Special Instructions: KEEP REFRIGERATED

For additional supply or collection device information, please contact DLO's Customer Service at (800) 891-2917, option 2.