Streptococcus Group A Rapid Antigen with Reflex to Culture

Supply #60104 - double swab (red cap)  AMIES Liquid Transport Medium

Test Code: 10553

CPT Code(s): 87880

Includes: If Streptococcus Group A Rapid Antigen is negative, a culture will be performed at an additional charge (CPT code(s): 87081).

Methodology: Immunochromatography Bacterial Culture, Aerobic Routine Isolation and Identification Procedures

Clinical Significance: A positive result from the antigen assay or isolation of Group A streptococci by culture from a symptomatic patient is usually considered clinically significant.

Alternative Name(s): Strep A

Collection Guide: 

Supply: 60104 - Double swab (red cap) AMIES Liquid Transport Medium

Preferred Specimen: Double swab in Amies Liquid

  1. Ask the patient to open their mouth and say “Ahh”.
  2. Gently depress the tongue with a tongue depressor.
  3. Guide the swab over the tongue to the posterior pharynx.
  4. Gently swab the mucosa behind the uvula and between the tonsillar pillars back and forth.
  5. Remove the swab without touching the tongue, uvula, or lips.

Transport Container: Amies liquid swab container

Transport Temperature: Room temperature

Specimen Stability:
  • dry swab: 24 hours
  • swabs in liquid transport medium: 48 hours
Reject Criteria:
  • Cotton tip or calcium alginate swabs
  • swabs containing charcoal or semi-solid media
  • swabs with wooden shafts
  • expired transport device
  • frozen
  • dry swabs >24 hours old
  • swabs from sources other than throat

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